Japanese group proposes: scrap reactor stoop to maintain status quo for 100 years

Overseas network December 22nd, Fukui Prefecture is A very concentrated place in Japan’s nuclear power plants. The county’s anti-nuclear group set up a research committee this month to summarize proposals for the decision to scrap reactors, the Japanese government is required not to dismantle the reactor, but to maintain the status quo for at least 100 years, because “there is no disposal, only put.” Insiders have questioned this, Fukui may become a “nuclear power plant cemetery.”

Japanese group proposes: scrap reactor stoop to maintain status quo for 100 years

Nuclear Power Plant in Fukui Prefecture (Japan Economic News)

According to Japan’s Kyodo News reported on the 21st, talking about why the government is not required to dismantle the end-of-life reactor nuclear power plant, the relevant people explained: “There is no place to deal with radioactive waste, according to the exclusion law, can only be placed.” “They want to include this proposal in the material satout satforabouts on reactor scrapping.

But some insiders have disputed that Fukui could become a “graveyard for nuclear power plants”.

Japanese group proposes: scrap reactor stoop to maintain status quo for 100 years

A research committee set up by the anti-nuclear power group in Fukui County announces its proposal (Kyodo News)

The explorating committee was commissioned by the “People’s Conference against Nuclear Power Fukui Prefecture” and five others, including Professor Emeritus of Osaka Prefectural University, and was established in April this year (2019). On the 14th of this month (December), the Committee published its proposals.

The proposal specifically states that the dismantling and removal of the Tokai Nuclear Power Plant (Ibaraki Prefecture), which is undergoing reactor scrapping, has been repeatedly delayed, and that no progress has been made in the dismantling of the dismantling operations in various places. Because radioactive waste will occur in the dismantling process, their treatment site construction work is still not clueable, so should be blocked in the state of non-dismantling for 100 years, to reduce the amount of internal radiation to explore treatment methods.

The proposal also said that nuclear power plants should be stopped, through agriculture, forestry and fisheries and other practitioners responsible for the whole process from processing to sales of the “sixth industrialization” to ensure regional stability in employment and income, to get rid of dependence on nuclear power plants.

In the future, the county people’s conference will hold a briefing meeting with the government of the nuclear power plant in Fukui Prefecture, based on the views of residents, to finalize the proposal. It is scheduled to be submitted to the Japanese government, the government and relevant power units in May next year ( 2020).

In Fukui Prefecture, Japan, japan’s Atomic Energy Research and Development Agency’s fast neutron proliferation prototype reactor “Wenshu”, Kansai Electric Power Company’s Meibin nuclear power plant unit 1, 2 and so on a total of 7 reactors have now decided to retire, now some of the reactors are pushing ahead with the retirement work.

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