Pirillo expressed all the normal Intel DG1 foreign media speculation expected to appear at CES 2020

In response to recent rumours that DG1 problems are a problem or even risk cancellation, Intel’s Chris Pirillo strongly suggests in his latest tweet that there is nothing wrong with the DG1 GPU. He even said that Intel would soon commercially equip the graphics card of the Intel DG1 GPU, andmedia speculated that it was expected to be unveiled at next year’s CES show.

The full tune lyrics are as follows

GPU is a a-hummin

DG1’s still a-comin

The apps’ ll all slay

my favorite way


Intel Graphics Odyssey

‘Intel has been pushing the much-anticipated DG1 GPU for consumers,’ Pirillo tweeted. He made it clear that Intel’s first entry-level or mid-level GPU was still evolving with the expected roadmap and would be delivered on time. In other words, Chris vehemently refutes all the negative rumors about the Intel DG1 GPU, which has repeatedly claimed that the product, which is still in the experimental stage, is having problems and facing potential cancellations.

Pirillo expressed all the normal Intel DG1media speculation expected to appear at CES 2020

There is no doubt that the Intel DG1 GPU has been one of the most anticipated products of recent generations. According to previous reports, Intel’s DG1 unique display will be based on the Xe architecture, but this is an LP low-power direction of the graphics card, with GDDR6 memory, positioned at the GTX 1050 level, the latter is the NVILOPPA Pascal architecture of the mid-to-low-end graphics card, floating-point performance of about 1.9TFS.

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