Cannabis drugs incorporated into NHS

The NHS has officially announced on Tuesday that it will prescribe cannabis-containing drugs to people with epilepsy within three weeks. The NHS will reach an agreement with manufacturers to issue the cannabinoid drug cannabidiol (Epidiolex) from January 6 next year. Cannabis-based drugs will be incorporated into the NHS.

Cannabis drugs incorporated into NHS NHS

Clinical trials have shown that cannabidiol, in combination with another drug, Clobazam, can reduce the number of seizures in some children by 40 percent.

The UK changed the law in November 2018 to allow specialists to prescribe drugs containing cannabis.

Simon Stevens, chief executive of NHS England, said: “Living or caring for people with severe epilepsy is very challenging, especially if there are very few treatments for the disease. Now, thousands of patients, including children, will be treated, which could make a real difference. ”

The NHS, established in 1948, is a social security that British citizens must take part in to provide universal access to health care.

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