Internet BBS inventor dies: aged 74

Do you still go to forums a lot now? Internet forums, or BBS (e-bulletin boards), are one of the main ways for netizens to share information, exchange ideas, learn from each other, expand their circle, and so on. Unfortunately, according tomedia reports, suth died on December 10 at a Chicago hospital at the age of 74, the news was confirmed by Sousse’s family.

Internet BBS inventor dies: aged 74

According to the data, Seuss was a computer enthusiast who worked with IBM engineer Ward Christensen at the Chicago-area Computer Enthusiast Exchange Club (CACHE) to develop a new information exchange tool called CBBS (Computer Bulletin Board System). It was this innovation that followed the forum culture that swept the Internet.

It is worth noting that the CBBS established by Sousse is still accessible.

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