Nintendo President: Small Switch Sales Challenge in China’s Host Market

Recently, Nintendo’s new president, Junichiro Kogawa, recently gave an interview to the Newspaper, talking about the future of Nintendo Switch’s host, the Chinese market. Sales of Nintendo Switch’s national consoles won’t be that easy. The Chinese market is currently dominated by PC games and mobile games, with game console-based gaming companies struggling. Nintendo has also had a history of setbacks in China.

Nintendo chose to partner with Tencent, which is familiar with developing games for mobile phones and has a strong sales network that can fully showcase the fun of the game and increase the number of Nintendo fans in China.

Nintendo hopes to gradually expand its national gaming lineup by selling games developed by game makers other than Nintendo’s first party, including those under development, through Tencent.

Nintendo President: Small Switch Sales Challenge in China's Host Market

The Nintendo National Switch console was released on December 10, 2019. Sales were flat, and investors expected to sell more than 50,000 units on the first day of sales to a good analyst: Switch’s national version.

Judging from Mr. Kugawa’s statement, Nintendo, while recognizing the advantages that Tencent can play in promoting China’s Switch, has also made full expectations of the difficulties of expanding the mainland market in the console game, which is not mature.

Of course, whether this attempt will meet Nintendo’s intended goal depends on how complete the experience will be for domestic players in the future, which is also the most important part of the future that Nintendo and Tencent will need to push forward, and that ordinary Chinese players will be most concerned about.

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