Greece’s Energy Ministry Takes Lead in Using Electric Vehicles to Boost Green Transport

On December 21, the Greek Ministry of Environment and Energy launched the first batch of official electric vehicles and electric bicycles, hoping to support and promote the development of green vehicles in Greece with practical actions, euronews reported. Greek Environment and Energy Minister Yexizakis reportedly said the authorities had an ambitious green and green economy plan, so the ministry led by example in buying three electric cars and a fleet of electric bicycles, as well as installing charging piles outside the Ministry of the Environment’s office building.

Greece's Energy Ministry Takes Lead in Using Electric Vehicles to Boost Green Transport

Haziszakis also revealed that the Greek Ministry of Finance, The Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of environment has set up a cross-ministerial committee, which will work with relevant experts and market institutions to develop a framework and measures for the development of electric vehicles in Greece.

Electric cars are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, but for years the Greeks don’t seem to be buying it. LeasePlan, a Dutch-based car rental and fleet management company, said in a report earlier this year that Greece was one of the least willing countries in Europe to use electric cars, with almost the least invested in electric vehicle facilities.

At present, Greece has very few public charging points for electric vehicles, with only 115 charging points in the country, of which only six have fast charging devices, according to January figures.

The serious shortage of electric vehicle facilities in Greece is one of the main reasons for the slow development of the country’s electric vehicle market. In the first nine months of 2018, only 231 electric and hybrid cars were sold in Greece.

Although the Greek government has offered incentives for the development of electric vehicles, such as exemption from the annual road tax, there is still no subsidy for individuals or companies to buy electric vehicles, nor is it offering lower VAT concessions to buyers of electric vehicles.

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