Obama warns against using social media to challenge political correctness

On Tuesday, Barack Obama drew particular attention to his use of the word “wake-up” to criticize the call culture at the annual Obama Foundation summit. The term “wake-up” implies a focus on social justice issues, particularly issues related to race.

Today, the term is associated with social media and is used to raise awareness of obvious social injustices such as racism, sexism and homophobia. In situations of prejudice or discrimination, such appeals are often not controversial. But the term sometimes applies to those who call for a lesser degree of aggression against political correctness.

Mr. Obama’s comments are likely to be aimed at Democratic candidates preparing to challenge Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election, who have so far made false apologies for political lying. One example is Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren, who in August apologized for “wrong” remarks about the origin of Native Americans in Cherokee. After widespread public questioning of the claim, Warren conducted a DNA test that showed that some of her Native American ancestry dates back six to ten generations.

However, THE DNA TEST ITSELF HAS BEEN WIDELY CRITICIZED. On the one hand, she was attacked for her insignificant native American ancestry, and on the other, she was officially criticized by the Cherokee tribe for her seeming mix of genetics and Native American identity.


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