Comet Lake’s new Pentium Celeron quietly released: 14nm , 100MHz speed-up

Intel Ten Core now has two branches, the 10nm Ice Lake and the 14nm Comet Lake, the former with more advanced technology, a more advanced technology, a dynamo-thunder/Wi-Fi 6 plus, and the latter with more core and higher frequencies. The Comet Lake series currently has only four models, including an i7, two i5, and an i3, and now quietly adds a Pentium, a Celeron, and, of course, 14nm.

Pentium Gold 6405U: Dual Core Four Threads, Main Frequency 2.4GHz, Three-Stage Cache 2MB, Integrated Nuclear Display UHD 300-950MHz, Thermal Design Power 15W, As Low As Low 12.5W (800MHz) at $161.

Celeron 5205U: Dual Core Dual Thread, Main Frequency 1.9GHz, Three-Stage Cache 2MB, Integrated Nuclear Display UHD 300-900MHz, Thermal Design Power 15W, As Low as 12.5W (800MHz) price $107.

The two of them are the eight generations of pentium gold 5405U, Celeron 4205U upgrade, only the CPU frequency increased by 100MHz, and the memory frequency support DDR4-2133, LPDDR3-1866 came to DDR4-2400, LPDDR3-2133.

It is worth noting that there was actually a Celeron 4305U, the frequency is 2.2GHz, much higher than the new Celeron 5205U, the price is the same.

I don’t know when the Ice Lake series will join Pentium and Celeron?

Comet Lake新奔腾赛扬悄然发布:继续14nm 提速100MHz

Comet Lake新奔腾赛扬悄然发布:继续14nm 提速100MHz

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