40% of U.S. Anti-Vaccine Organization’s Donation sits by a doctor who provides alternative therapies

The National Vaccine Center, the nation’s oldest anti-vaccine organization, describes its leader as the leader of a national grassroots movement, saying its funding comes mainly from small donations and parents worried about vaccines. But tax records from the past decade show that 40% of its money was donated by Joseph Mercola, a wealthy physician who provides alternative therapies.

The doctor, who sells health products, including vitamin supplements, claims some of them could be an alternative to the vaccine.

The National Vaccine Center has been at the forefront of the anti-vaccine campaign in recent years, which has led many parents to abandon or suspend vaccinations for their children, and the decline in vaccination rates has led to renewed outbreaks of pandemic sweds such as measles in parts of the United States.

40% of U.S. Anti-Vaccine Organization's Donation sits by a doctor who provides alternative therapies

Anti-vaccine campaigns have also had an impact around the world, such as the measles outbreak in Samoa, Japan, in the Pacific, which killed nearly 80 people, most of them young children.

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