Hacker exposes new Tesla Model3 with new Rage mode with 100KWH battery pack

A well-known foreign hacker @greentheonly (Chinese nickname: Green God) tweeted that he had found some information code about the new Model 3 in Tesla’s recently updated upgrade package. According to @greentheonly, the new Model 3 will be equipped with a 100 kWh battery pack and a violent mode, giving the new Model 3 longer range and power output.

Hacker exposes new Tesla Model3 with new Rage mode with 100KWH battery pack

It is reported that Tesla’s rampage mode, also known as “Ludicrous”, will be turned on will be the vehicle’s electrical control and motor torque to make corresponding adjustments, so that the vehicle has more powerful acceleration performance. The Model S P100D, which turns on “Rage Mode” with one click, can accelerate for 2.7 seconds or less.

However, this current rampage mode was previously only available for Model S and Model X. And this time @greentheonly revealed that the new Model 3 will be added to the rampage mode, will no doubt make more prospective Model 3 owners excited.

The current Model 3 has a battery capacity of only 60 kWh, and after the replacement of 100kWh, with its more long-range power output control, its range is expected to exceed the model S of the same 100kWh battery pack.

At the same time, @greentheonly said the new Model 3 will replace the low-power Bluetooth sensor developed by Tesla, which will be supplied by the mainland, with a new wheel pressure monitoring system, and will add two new rim styles.

In addition, the new Model 3’s adaptive air suspension optionsettings, the new panoramic sunroof and air conditioning control are displayed. But the information was @greentheonly analyzed by the code of the update package, and no one knew how the new Tesla Model 3 would change until Tesla officially confirmed it.

But model 3 has been going on for four years since it went on sale. In terms of the life cycle of the model, the Tesla Model 3 is also about to usher in a period of significant upgrades. Perhaps the 2020 Model 3 will really surprise us more.

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