Musk: If Tesla and SpaceX go bankrupt, I’ll go bankrupt.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on social media today that if Tesla and SpaceX, the space exploration company, go bankrupt, according tomedia reports. Why did Musk suddenly talk about this? The reason is this, Musk says he looked at his Wikipedia page for the first time in years and found the title “investor” in his introduction.

Musk: If Tesla and SpaceX go bankrupt, I'll go bankrupt.

Musk finds this incredible because he’s basically not investing at all. Musk also said he hoped editors would remove the title of “investor.”

Later, Musk posted that the two companies he founded would go bankrupt if they went bankrupt. Musk should want to stress that his money is spent on entrepreneurship, not on investment.

In fact, Musk did close out because of the two companies. Tesla was founded in 2003 and was a major investor in its early days, but Musk also ran SpaceX, a space exploration company, and by the end of 2008, the two companies had spent almost all of Musk’s money.

According to Musk’s biography, Silicon Valley Iron Man, Musk’s then-wife, Riley, described Musk as looking like death, hovering on the brink of death. “He’s going to be physically suffering, he’s going to get asleep, he’s going to climb on me and start screaming,” Riley said. “

Through Musk’s efforts, Tesla finally completed a new round of financing on Christmas Eve 2008, and may be declared bankrupt a few hours later. Musk was left with only a few hundred thousand dollars left to even pay his employees the next day.

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