Sources confirmed that Apple did buy the AirTag logo

Apple has bought the AirTag trademark from a Russian group specializing in RFID technology for tracking devices, according to a Russian media report. ISBC Group, a self-proclaimed leading Russian maker of smart cards and RFID tags, recently sold its AirTag trademark to Apple, according to a source familiar with the details of the deal.

In a statement posted on ISBC’s website today, the group confirmed that it had completed a transaction to transfer the “AirTag” trademark rights, but said it would not disclose buyer details under confidentiality terms. On Monday, iOS 13.2 released information suggesting that Apple may be planning to call its rumored item-tracking accessory AirTags.

Apple is rumoured to be developing a porcelain-like Bluetooth tracker that can be used to track items that are often lost, such as keys, wallets and more. Several rumors confirm that Apple is developing AirTags products. According to the leaked information, AirTags is expected to look like a small circle and can be attached to an item and found through the Apple device’s find my app.

AirTags products are said to be connected via Bluetooth to devices such as the iPhone, iPad and Mac, and will use the ultra-broadband U1 chip in the latest iPhone for more accurate indoor tracking, which is unmatched by competitors. There is no word yet on when the AirTags product will be released, but given apples adding AirTags details to each iPS beta, the accessories are likely to be available this year.



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