Netflix joins Italian anti-piracy coalition FAPAV

Netflix recently joined Italy’s largest FAPAV anti-piracy organization to launch an initiative against hundreds of websites that illegally distribute content. In addition to the well-known streaming platform, organizations such as Serie A have joined the league. FaPAV said in a press release that it managed to block access to 400 pirated sites in 2019, an increase of 230 percent over 2018, thanks to its deep accumulation and skilled operation.

Netflix joins Italian anti-piracy coalition FAPAV

Alliance for the Protection of Audiovisual and Multimedia Content (via Softdia)

FAPAV added that the fight against illegal IPTV will be a priority in its work by 2020. But the proliferation of piracy is not the main reason for Netflix’s losses.

According to estimates released by CordCutting earlier this year, multi-player account sharing cost Netflix $192 million a month. By comparison, Amazon and Hulu are $45 million / $40 million.

Each year, 24 million users access Netflix but do not pay for subscriptions, resulting in a loss of about $2.3 billion.

Interestingly, 59.3 percent of users said they were prepared to pay for a subscription if there were no other access options.

Official figures released in October show that Netflix has 158.3 million subscribers worldwide and is on track to add 7.6 million subscribers in the final quarter of 2019.

As the global fight against piracy continues, Netflix is expected to attract more paid subscribers and further improve its revenue in the near future.

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