Google is testing the time-ordered assistant card design

Google is now testing a completely different Google Assistant update card design that sorts information in chronological order, and until now, Google Assistant’s cards have been organized by subject matter, such as “Track Things” and “Come for You.” The new design appears to be undergoing limited A/B testing, and this update is not yet available on most devices.

One Brazilian user said he saw the new user interface when he opened Google Assistant. The redesigned interface arranges the cards by date, starting with events that “today” occur. It also has a smaller profile picture in the upper right corner with a personalized greeting that lists the current city’s weather and temperature conditions. To view the hourly weather forecast, you can extend it to show the expected weather for Tomorrow, This Week, and This Weekend. Weather cards now have a pleasant water-colored background that is very different from the otherwise bright background.

The new version of the Google Assistant card also contains basic information about events “next week” and “later next month.” Users can expand the booking range to display more information. In addition, users can access the calendar and view the information in the calendar. The new design for Google Assistant cards shifts the focus from sorting cards in a themed manner to making it easy to schedule and display information in chronological order.



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