Microsoft releases “Hope You’re Here” free theme pack to Windows 10 users

Microsoft has added a new theme package to the Microsoft Store for Windows 10 users. The new theme package, titled “Hope You’re Here,” contains 9 high-quality 4K wallpapers featuring quiet natural scenery, vacations and travel photos, and it’s important to note that the images inside should only be used as desktop wallpaper, which contains only pictures and does not have any audio enhancements.

If you need to get it, users should run Windows 10 version 14951 or later to install this version or any other topic package from the Microsoft Store.

Once you’ve installed the wallpaper pack, go to The Settings, Personalization, and select the theme you want to apply.

You can also set Windows 10 to select a system theme color from wallpaper by enabling the options available in The Personalization page Color Settings.

You can download the “Hope You’re Here” theme from the following address:

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