Comparison of demand for hard disk storage capacity in series call of Duty PC games

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a big game. Based on the requirements of its PC system, the required hard drive capacity is 175GB, which could be the most demanding game in 2019, perhaps one of the biggest ever. In fact, Modern Warfare officially requires more storage capacity than the combined capacity requirements of Black Ops 4 and World War II, the two main call of Duty games.

Clearly, the Call of Duty series has become more and more large over the years, and the recommended PC installation size of the game has certainly taken a surprising leap since the first mainline, Call of Duty, was launched in 2003. The following is a comparison of the installed capacity of the Call of Duty PC series of games, the storage requirements listed in the game PC system requirements are not necessarily the size of the final download. Overall, the size of game storage capacity has grown year by year, and this parameter comparison of the Call of Duty series provides a great tool for observing this change.

One of the most interesting things here is the build-up to the storage capacity jump that took place in 2013 with the release of callofduty: Action Ghost in 2013. Its 40GB demand is four times greater than that of its predecessor, the Black Ops 2, and the key reason may be a change in the format of the disc. Although the PS3 is supported by Blu-ray, it wasn’t until 2013 that Sony and Microsoft consoles were able to develop games in this format, allowing developers to take advantage of the 50GB capacity of the double-decker Blu-ray disc, which Call of Duty: Action Ghost uses almost all of it.

But the explosive growth in hard drive capacity in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is undoubtedly alarming, and its unnatural demand for hard drive storage capacity shows that the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scandi version of Call of Duty are in development, when the new Call of Duty game is in development The demand for hard disk storage capacity will continue to increase.


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