How much is a “boat ticket” for a space trip? Russian company documents revealed

According to russian satellite network reported that the Russian energy rocket space company designer documents, the Russian Soyuz-MS spacecraft for space tourism, the cost of 280 million yuan. According to the documents, the company’s board of directors confirmed the price of “a Soyuz-MS manned spacecraft to the International Space Station” for 280 million yuan. The work should be completed by 31 August 2022.

Dmitry Rogozin, president of The Russian National Space Group, said in November that the group had added two Soyuz spacecraft to its energy rocket space company.

“We’ve now ordered two new ships, ” says Mr Rogozin. Energy Rocket Space’s production plan allows them to build four ships a year. But we need the company to produce five ships a year. We need to have a spaceship for commercial tourism, as planned by Space Adventures, and other statements. ”

The spacecraft used for space tourism will be transformed into a one-man operation, the report said.

Reported that the Russian National Space Group stressed that the group and space exploration companies since 2001, in the field of space commercial tourism cooperation. The first visitor to space was Dennis Tito. During the space tourism program, seven people went into space, including Charles Simonyi, who had been in space twice.

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