Intel Ten Generation Core T-Series premiere and Z490 motherboard

10nm Ice Lake, 14nm Comet Lake are all classified by Intel as a tenth-generation Core family, but are all mobile, while the 10th generation Core on the desktop will be 14nm Commet Lake-S, up to 10 core 20 threads, full recovery hyperthreads, However, it will be replaced with the new LGA1200 interface, need to be paired with the new 400 series motherboard.

Prior to this, we have seen the i3-10100, i5-10600 and other ten generationS Core desktop models, and now the 3DMark database has appeared an i5-10600T, this is the first time to see the T-Series low-power version of the tenth generation Core, no unexpected thermal design power consumption or 35W.

The specifications of the 6 Core 12 thread snare the full popularity of the hyperthreading in the tenth generation of Core, the first time this desktop i5 series has been used, while the frequency benchmark 2.4GHz and the turbo frequency is up to 4.0GHz.

Compared with the current nine generations of i5-9500T, the benchmark and the frequency of the frequency increased by 200MHz, 300MHz – 14nm is really endless potential ah …

Intel Ten Generation Core T-Series premiere and Z490 motherboard

In addition, a new Intel processor with 10 core 20 threads appeared in the 3DMark 11 database, the model unknown, the reference frequency 2.5GHz, the Turbo Acceleration is not recognized, and it is clear that this will be the next generation of Core i9 series.

The 2.5GHz baseline frequency does not know whether to detect errors, it is a bit too low, after all, now 8 core 16 threads of the i9-9900K start is 3.6GHz.

Interestingly, its board with it was also detected, is the Microstar Z490-A PRO, the real hammer to change the board.

In addition to the z490, which will be the first to be launched, the new motherboard will be followed by a low-to-low-end B460 and H410.

Intel Ten Generation Core T-Series premiere and Z490 motherboard

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