Newly released Mac Pro will offer a new color with a magic mouse and trackpad

Apple’s new Mac Pro will go on sale this fall, but no time has been set. Steve Troughton-Smith has discovered new images in macOS Catalina, proving that the Mac Pro offers a new color-coded, magic mouse and keyboard, the silver/black color scheme.

Similar to the previous iMac Pro, owners of the new Mac Pro will be able to choose to use new-color accessories on their workstations, and new images extracted from macOS reveal these peripherals.

新发售的Mac Pro将提供新色泽的妙控鼠标和触控板

The source claimed that the attachments in the images were designed for Mac Pro, but did not say whether they would be available to all users. The diagram depicts two keyboards, one with a numeric keyboard and one without a numeric keyboard, both equipped with a light silver metal structure and black keys. As part of the same image is the Magic Trackpad 2, which again uses a light silver metal shell but contains a black top.

Currently, Apple only offers a dark-space gray-colored keyboard, a magic mouse and a magic control board. Deep Space Gray Color Peripherals were originally only available at random in the iMac Pro, and apples only started selling them separately.

新发售的Mac Pro将提供新色泽的妙控鼠标和触控板

新发售的Mac Pro将提供新色泽的妙控鼠标和触控板

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