What’s Buffett giving his family a present for Christmas? Stocks worth $10,000

According tomedia reports, “share god” Buffett is not only an investment master, for the family to buy holiday gifts also have a strategy. Mary Buffett, the ex-wife of Mr. Buffett’s son, Peter Buffett, said in a recent interview that Mr. Buffett used to give his family $10,000 in cash every Christmas, but now it’s $10,000 worth of stock. “At Christmas, he would often give us $10,000 in cash, ” says Mary. As soon as we got home, we ran out of money. “

What's Buffett giving his family a present for Christmas? Stocks worth $10,000

Photo by YouTube / University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Now, Buffett’s Christmas gift to his family has been changed to a company he recently bought for $10,000 worth of stock, accompanied by a letter in which he says you can choose to cash them out or keep them.

Mary Buffett always chooses to keep the stock, and buys more each time, because she believes that as long as it’s Buffett’s favorite stock, it’s going to go up in the end.

In addition to cash and stocks, Buffett likes to send dresses to his friends and family. During the 1960s, Buffett reportedly liked to go to a clothing store in his hometown of Omaha called Topps and handed employees a list of the sizeof of the women he knew. “I like to pick and choose clothes for them, I like to buy clothes for my sisters, and they wear clothes that I buy, ” Buffett said. “

In addition, Buffett will give friends and relatives some candy as a gift. In fact, Buffett loved See’s Candy so much that Berkshire Hathaway bought the company in 1972.

As for what Buffett wants, Mary says it’s really hard to choose because he’s too rich.

She said that on Christmas Day, her first year of marriage to Peter Buffett, she wanted to give him some gifts, but realized that “Warren is rich.” So he didn’t want anything. I didn’t know what to buy him, so I put together our music company’s balance sheet to let him know we were making money (Mary and Peter started independent Sound, a music post-production company). “

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