Verizon 5G network coverage expands to 3 new cities, bringing total to 30 above target

Verizon appears to have completed a frenzied “battle” by the end of the year, as the carrier has exceeded its target of adding 30 new “5G ultra-broadband” markets by the end of the year, according tomedia CNET. After last week’s Blitz, the carrier’s 5G network jumped to 28 cities, and on Monday it expanded to Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio, and Hampton Roads, Virginia.

Verizon 5G network coverage expands to 3 new cities, bringing total to 30 above target

As with other 5G cities, coverage will be limited to certain parts of each new location, while 5G signals are usually only available outdoors. Users also need an unlimited data plan to support 5G access, plus one of Verizon’s seven compatible 5G devices. More equipment is expected by 2020.

Verizon said users in Cleveland will be able to “access 5G in areas near downtown, Clark-Fulton, West Boulevard, and near landmarks such as Progressive Field and the Great Lakes Science Center.” The operator also provides 5G network coverage for “part of the lower seating area” at the Cleveland Browns’ FirstEnergy Stadium, although the new network is likely to be used first for concert-guests as the Browns travel to Cincinnati for their final game of the 2019 season.

In Columbus, the 5G network is now located at the Center of The City, Ohio State University, The Italian Village, Easton, Polaris and Lewis Center, and, for example, Oregon State University School of Engineering, Oregon State University Agricultural College, Oregon State University Wexner Medical Center, Easton Town Centre and Polaris Town Centre are among the “landmark buildings”.

Verizon also said the network was already in use in the “main ticketing area” of John Glen Columbus International Airport, making it the first airport to get fast new network services.

Verizon said that at Hampton Roads, its 5G service will begin with “Virginia Beach Beach, Norfolk City Center, Newport News, Eudn University, Hampton, Chesapeake, and Boardwalk, Virginia Beach Peak Mall, Scope Coliseum, S.B. Ballard Stadium, Crossways Shopping Centre, Peninsula Town Center and Hampton Stadium.

In addition to the current 31 cities, Verizon has previously announced Kansas City and San Diego on the 5G list, although it remains to be seen whether the two cities will open their networks by 2020.

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