SpaceX completes 10th parachute test, one step closer to manned flight

On December 24th Elon Musk’s U.S. space exploration technology company SpaceX announced today that it has successfully completed a parachute system test for the 10th time in a row on December 22, U.S. time. This is an important safety milestone that indicates that SpaceX’s latest parachute system is ready for astronauts carrying its spacecraft. SpaceX ended the year with this high-profile achievement, which helped the company send astronauts into space next year.

SpaceX completes 10th parachute test, one step closer to manned flight

Parachute systems can be used to slow down the spacecraft’s descent when it returns to Earth. SpaceX’s current design is the third major version of the Crew Dragon parachute system, using upgraded materials and improved suture suture sutures to maximize reliability and durability during parachute flight.

Earlier this year, at an event at SpaceX’s headquarters in Hawthorne, California, Musk told the media and fans present that SpaceX’s parachute system, named Mark 3, needs at least 10 consecutive successful tests. The company is confident that it will be used in actual manned flights. At the time, NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine also said he was confident SpaceX could complete all 10 tests by the end of the year. Now, SpaceX has certainly achieved that goal.

SpaceX now plans to complete the next major phase of manned flights, the flight suspension test, on January 11 next year. The test required the launch of a Crew Dragon spacecraft to test the emergency support system during the launch. In the event of any problems during the launch that could put astronauts at risk, the emergency support system will be activated and the Crew Dragon spacecraft will carry the crew away from the launch vehicle. It will demonstrate the ability of the manned Crew Dragon spacecraft to escape danger in an emergency.

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