Google warns Indian users that Chrome 79 may have leaked website password bugs

Chrome 79 is expected to reduce CPU usage and improve security as an upgrade to the browser, according tomedia reports. However, it also brings some unexpected things to users. In fact, Google has warned Chrome users in India that Chrome 79 was found to have compromised passwords and asked them to change them immediately.

Google warns Indian users that Chrome 79 may have leaked website password bugs

Thousands of Google Chrome users in India were shocked to see their desktop screens pop up on Thursday, local time. The message alerts users to data breaches and suggests that they change passwords for some websites. Google issued the warning after it was re-released last week after fixing the Chrome 79 vulnerability.

A Chromium engineer responded to a question posted on the Google thread by replying to a public statement that “we are currently discussing the correct strategy to address this issue, one of which is: a) to continue migration and move lost files to their new location; Recover the changes by moving the transferred file to its original location. We’ll soon let you know which of these two options will be selected. “

Google had previously worried about the impact on about 50 per cent of Chrome users, but the survey found that only 15 per cent of Chrome users were affected. Still, it remains to be seen whether it is possible to recover lost user data.

In addition to vulnerability reports, the Chromium page provides some technical details.

Chrome 79 is understood to have been revived on desktop clients and mobile platforms, as confirmed by Google’s Chrome blog. So far, Google Chrome updates have been a seamless move, but it looks like the tech giant has made a mistake this time.

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