Astronauts returning to the moon and even landing on Mars will be chosen among the following 13

NASA is pushing ahead with its plan to return to the moon. In fact, the project is already progressing steadily, and nasa has stepped up its efforts again after President Trump announced that the deadline is set for 2024. As soon as the spacecraft is being tested, the first to achieve the feat is largely finalized — 13 will graduate on January 10after after a two-year training session, which will be a grand celebration.

Astronauts returning to the moon and even landing on Mars will be chosen among the following 13

The 13 trained astronauts will not only take on the task of returning to the moon, but will also set humans on the land of Mars in the future. The 13 members are understood to have been selected from 18,300 applicants in 2017, including 11 NASA candidates and two astronauts who will join the Canadian Space Agency. Each candidate must complete two years of rigorous training before considering a space mission.

It was the first would-be astronaut to graduate since NASA implemented the Artemis program. As NASA said in a blog post, these cadets meet the astronauts’ requirements and will be able to travel on the moon and even Mars in the future.

Here’s the basic information for the 13 astronauts:

Kayla Barron: Navy Captain, one of the first Female U.S. soldiers to serve on a nuclear submarine, currently works at the U.S. Naval Academy.

Zena Cardman: A scientist and graduate researcher at the National Science Foundation, specializing in microbial research in underground environments such as caves.

Raja Chari: Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, Director of the F-35 Integrated Test Team.

Matthew Dominick: Major of the Navy, Head of the 115 aircraft carrier flight squadron.

Bob Hines: Pilot, working for NASA’s Johnson Space Center.

Warren “Woody” Hoburg: Assistant Professor of Aviation and Space at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Jonny Kim: Dr. Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, former SEALs captain.

Jasmin Moghbeli: Marine Corps Major, H-1 helicopter test pilot. Marine Corps 1 Test and Evaluation Squadron 1, Officer of Quality Control and Avionics.

Loral O’Hara: Research Engineer at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts.

Frank Rubio: Army Lieutenant Colonel who works as a surgeon in Fort Carson, Colorado.

Jessica Watkins: Postdoctoral Fellow at the California Institute of Technology.

There are two other candidates from CSA.

Joshua Kutryk: Lieutenant Colonel of the Royal Canadian Air Force, born in Bowallon, Alberta. He holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and a master’s degree in space studies, flight test engineering and defense studies. Prior to joining CSA, Kutryk worked as an experimental test pilot and fighter pilot in Cold Lake, Alberta, where he led the department responsible for combat flight testing of Canadian fighter jets.

Jennifer Sidey-Gibbons: Born in Calgary, Alberta, she holds an honorary bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from McGill University in Montreal and a doctorate in engineering from the University of Cambridge. During McGill’s time, she worked with CSA and the National Research Council’s Flight Research Laboratory on the spread of flame under microgravity. Prior to joining CSA, Sidey-Gibbons was an assistant professor of combustion in the Department of Engineering at the University of Cambridge.

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