Russia tests “sovereign Internet”: it can still function effectively after disconnecting with the world

Russia has completed a series of tests that show that its network services can still function effectively after being disconnected from the global Internet, Deputy Communications Minister Aleksei Sokolov said Monday.

The test took several days and was performed on a specially designated network. The move follows Russia’s “aggressive” approach to the US national cyber security strategy, which introduced a “sovereign Internet” bill in November.

Under the act, government agencies and security agencies, as well as all communications operators, messaging and email providers, are required to participate in the testing, but will not affect regular Internet users.

“Our goal is to provide uninterrupted Internet services on Russian soil under any circumstances,” Sokolov said. The results of this assessment show that government agencies and communications operators are well prepared to respond effectively to threats while ensuring that the Internet and communications operate effectively. “

He added that Russia’s Communications Ministry would prepare a report on the results of the test to be submitted to President Putin for review.

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