Apple becomes world’s largest PC maker: iPad and Mac revenue s $47 billion

Apple’s record sales of Mac computers this year helped the company sell $47 billion in non-iPhone computers by the end of the 2019 fiscal year, making it the world’s largest PC maker on a quarterly and quarterly basis, foreign media reported.


Total quarterly sales of iPads and Macs are reported to be more than $11.6billion, well above HP’s $9.7 billion pc, laptop and workstation sales, Lenovo’s reported $9.6 billion and, of course, Microsoft Surface, which is only $1 billion.

Since Apple no longer officially publishes iPad or Mac sales, and most industries selectively compare Windows tablets, PCs and estimated Apple Mac shipments, it’s hard to compare the most intuitive sales. It looks like Apple sells about two-thirds of the computers that Lenovo or HP have, but it also generates more revenue and makes far more money.

It’s the best year ever for a Mac computer.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said on the company’s earnings conference call yesterday that the company’s Mac sales fell slightly in the September quarter from a year earlier, in sharp contrast to the update of the two MacBook Pro models in the fourth quarter of last year.

Mac’s revenue was $6.99 billion, compared with $7.30 a year earlier, according to the company’s quarterly report. Apple has updated other laptops this quarter, and Mr Cook said, “The MacBook Air in particular is very popular for the back-to-school season.” “

In addition, Cook said strong Mac sales throughout fiscal 2019 were enough to generate the highest annual revenue in the history of its Mac business. Apple’s revenue from Maccomputers has risen 2 percent over fiscal 2018 over the past four quarters, against a backdrop of stagnant PC markets as a whole.

In addition, Apple has yet to start selling the new Mac Pro, released this summer at WWDC19.


iPad continues to grow

Mr Cook also announced at the earnings conference that “iPad scored well, with revenue of $4.7bn, up 17 per cent year-on-year,” adding that “iPad revenue has grown in all five geographic regions, including a record fourth quarter in Japan.” “

In addition, he added, more than half of the customers who bought the iPad in the September quarter were new, and the iPad’s active installation base hit a record high. Consumers are 95 percent more satisfied with iPads and 97 percent more, according to the latest survey, while more than 80 percent of consumers and businesses planning to buy tablets in the December quarter plan to buy iPads. “

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