Microsoft confirms cut off iOS and Android Cortana, only US user exemptions

In an interview with ventureBeat, the vice president of Microsoft’s Cortana, who took over from Javier Soltero, confirmed that The Cortana app on the iOS and Android side will exit all international markets outside the United States. Microsoft has previously announced that the app will only be supported in eight countries and territories: Australia, Canada, China, Germany, India, Mexico, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Microsoft confirms cut off iOS and Android Cortana, only US user exemptions

Schumann says there are two reasons to continue operating in the U.S.: One is to allow Surface Headphone and Harmon Kardon Invoke smart speaker users to continue using the Cortana app to configure and upgrade The Headphone The second reason is to allow Microsoft to continue testing Cortana’s experimental features. While Surface Headphone is also available outside the U.S., international users need to use Cortana on the Windows side.

Microsoft confirms cut off iOS and Android Cortana, only US user exemptions

Mr Schumann said Microsoft is planning to release surface Audio apps for Windows, iOS and Android, as well as Surface Buds, which will take on Cortana’s capabilities, as well as Surface Buds, which will go on sale next spring.

Mr Schumann said:

We’ve always believed that independent voice assistants can play a lot of roles and are still a place for us to experiment with new ideas. We’ve tried a lot, but… The voice assistant space is full of opportunities, but sometimes you don’t get satisfactory results. So the opportunity to continue to try quickly is also important to us.

Microsoft confirmed that it will continue to invest in the integration of Cortana/Alexa on the desktop side. Mr Schumann said:

We are still eager to do more between the two companies. This is a top-down cooperation. Satya (NaDELLa) and Jeff (Bezos) did get the plan done. You can still call Cortana from Alexa, and vice versa. “

I think it will be a good place for us to learn. We really believe in a multi-pronged world. Just as in the real world, I might have a doctor, a lawyer, or a trainer, and you’ll have multiple assistants who are good at them. We won’t be an e-commerce company any time soon, but assistants will be happy to help you buy.

Microsoft is also working on Cortana input, a natural text-based language.

One of the things we invest in Windows is to provide a faster experience for good typists. While some of us don’t need to talk around computers all day long, the power of natural language is really great. I give you an example of how many versions of Windows 10 I’ve been using, and I just need to enter “Next Friday Dentist Appointment” instead of using alt-tab in Outlook, creating a new file, constantly clicking tab and entering “dentist” and “Friday,” The whole step is greatly shortened. So this is a good example, and understanding it in natural language does simplify the process of just getting data in and out of my digital calendar.

Finally, Microsoft is considering adding Cortana integration to most Office applications:

I personally enjoy using it in Microsoft Search or Microsoft Account, and it really extends to all of our applications. We see Cortana as a very minimalist way to use it, providing a personal and personal-centric experience for the Surface product line. It knows me very well, and then provides a unified experience in all of these applications and office suites.

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