Loongson’s new processor architecture product 3A4000 released with uOS

On December 24, Loongson Science and Technology held the “New Era Core Ecology” 2019 Product Launch and User Conference at the Beijing National Convention Center. Officially released Loongson’s next-generation processor architecture product Loongson 3A4000/3B4000 processor, which has been exposed several times online before and has attracted the attention of many netizens.

Loongson's new processor architecture product 3A4000 released with uOS

The chip is highly valued mainly because all the functional modules in the chip, including CPU core, in-chip interconnect bus, DR4 memory controller and various I0 interface modules, all source code is designed independently.

As the latest model in the Loongson 3 series, the Loongson 3A4000 uses the same 28nm process as its previous generation, doubling performance compared to the Loongson 3A3000, and the SPEC CPU2006 fixed-point and floating-point single-core fractions are more than 20 points. It is more than twice as many as the previous generation of products, which can be seen as a significant upgrade on the basis of the 3A3000.

In terms of main frequency, the Loongson 3A4000 processor core GS464V, also has a significant improvement, Reaching 1.8GHz-2.0GHz, memory has also been upgraded to the DDR4 interface, it is worth mentioning that the Loongson 3A4000 also supports dynamic FM pressure, can greatly extend the life of the notebook.

Loongson's new processor architecture product 3A4000 released with uOS

In server performance, 3B4000 can be directly connected through the CPU into four-way server, the overall performance is more than four times the previous generation of products 3B3000 dual-way server, in addition, the efficiency of the virtual machine has also been increased by at least 10%, from the previous generation of 85% to more than 95%.

Security, Loongson 3A4000/3B4000 in the in-chip integration of security mechanism, from the mechanism to effectively prevent Meltdown and Spectre and other vulnerabilities, support MD5, AES, SHA and other decryption algorithms, support dedicated security trusted modules and state-of-the-state algorithms, support “shadow stack” and other access control mechanisms.

In terms of autonomy, it is learned that all the custom modules in the Loongson 3A4000/3B4000, including multi-port register heap, phase lock ring, DDR4PHY, high-speed 10 interface PHIV.Y and other layout are independent research and development. Officials say Loongson 3A4000/3B400 does not use any third-party IPs, except for the basic design environment provided by the streaming chip manufacturer.

Loongson's new processor architecture product 3A4000 released with uOS

Today, the unified operating system UOS Loongson version is also available in the Loongson 3A3000 series, Loongson 3B3000 series, 3A4000 series, Loongson 3B4000 series, achieves perfect compatibility with Loongson. Fully adapted Loongson desktop computer, server.

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