Unprecedented power: Disney holds 8 positions in the top 10 at the U.S. box office in 2019

According tomedia reports, this year is undoubtedly Disney’s record-breaking year, the company is understood to occupy eight of the top 10 u.S. box office receipts in 2019, and it has officially entered the streaming market with Disney Plus and made a pretty good start. Disney’s new record follows the release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. The film grossed $175.5 million in its U.S. debut weekend, slightly higher than Universal Pictures’ critically acclaimed thriller “Us,” which grossed $175.5 million.

Unprecedented power: Disney holds 8 positions in the top 10 at the U.S. box office in 2019

Although Skywalker’s Rise is currently the 10th-highest-grossing film in the U.S. in 2019, it is believed that its position may rise as more viewers watch it in the coming days.

In fact, a look at Disney’s films this year will tell them they have box office sales, such as Captain Marvel, Avengers: The End of the War, Spider-Man: The Expedition of Heroes (Marvel Pictures and Disney and Sony, which co-produced the film, but Marvel Pictures has full creative control). Toy Story 4 and Ice Edge 2 are both highly anticipated series, with Aladdin and The Lion King both remakes of Disney’s most-watched 90s animated films, and Skywalker’s Rise is the latest in a series of Star Wars.

The list is a microcosm of Disney’s strategy over the past decade. Any film on the list has a franchise or is designed as a potential franchise product.

It’s all going according to Mickey Mouse’s plan. Over the course of the decade, Disney made two key acquisitions: Marvel Entertainment in 2009 and Lucasfilm in 2012. A total of more than $8 billion in investment has paid off handsomely for Disney, with Marvel Pictures grossing more than $28 billion at the box office alone, and Star Wars is at the heart of Disney’s future development.

While Disney’s 2020 films aren’t as big as expected – “Flower Magnolia,” “Black Widow,” “Eternal Gods” — and have no cultural impact or popularity like “The End,” “The Lion King” or “Toy Story,” the company’s future is no longer just a cinematography, and disney,its just-launched films this year. The streaming service will also grow the company’s business.

In fact, Disney has turned some of its plays into Disney Plus’s exclusive productions, removed its own work from competitors and introduced non-Disney hits such as The Simpsons.

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