Linspire 8.5 Release: Adjusting UI to Improve Ease of Use Price $39.99

PC/OpenSystems today announced the release of Linspire 8.5, a commercial version of the free and open source Freespire Linux system. Compared to previous versions, the Linspire 8.5 update, codenamed “Swordfish 2”, is very large, and many core components and software have been upgraded while introducing many new features.

[图]Linspire 8.5发行版发布:调整UI 提升易用性 售价39.99美元

Like its “brother”, Freespire 5.0, Linspire 8.5 is based on Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS and uses the Linux 5.0 kernel. Similar to Freespire 5.0, Linspire 8.5 aims to address community users’ complaints about outdated software and simplify distributions by including only “best-in-class” applications. This means, of course, that if the user wants to replace the default application or install more applications, they can use the Software Center tool.

“The Linspire 8.5 has a very intuitive user interface that greatly improves ease of use,” says Roberto J. Dohnert. Users who switch from Windows or macOS systems can easily and seamlessly switch to the release. In addition to GUI improvements, the team has also made a number of optimizations to the back office to make it more stable and secure. “

The Linspire 8.5 release includes a number of the latest software, including KDE 5.12.9 LTS desktop environment, Ice 6.0.4 browser installer, Google Chrome 77 web browser, Powershell 6.2.3, and VLC Media P Layer, KolourPaint, Amarok, DreamChess, Boot Repair, Kamerka, Kpatience, Firewall configurator, and OnlyOffice Desktop Editor.

The Linspire 8.5 also comes with a multimedia codec, including some proprietary codecs, to provide users with a ready-to-use multimedia experience that supports most audio and video formats. Unlike Freespire, which is free to download and install, Linspire 8.5 can only be purchased from the official website for $39.99.

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