Isse astronauts explain how to celebrate Christmas in space

Christmas is just around the corner, and it’s a good time to send some warm holiday greetings to people on Earth,media BGR reported. Astronauts Christina Koch, Drew Morgan and Jessica Meir appear with The European Space Agency’s mission commander Luca Parmitano in a new video released by NASA. And they’re going to celebrate this important holiday in space.

Isse astronauts explain how to celebrate Christmas in space

The video, which is about three minutes long, is decorated inside the space station, while all four astronauts are dressed in uniform holiday costumes. The astronauts showed off their Christmas stockings and offered their views on how they would spend their vacation in space.

As for how astronauts will actually celebrate this important day, they will need to prepare a special holiday meal. Morgan revealed that their Christmas dinner will include smoked salmon. Koch also said: “We’re trying to get rid of the fruit cake in space. . . But that doesn’t work. We’ll have it anyway. “There will also be some hot cider and hot cocoa, all in small bags that look like metal.

The current Expedition 61 mission officially began on 3 October. These missions lasted several months, and expedition 61 astronauts had done a lot of work. The astronaut team has made several repairs to the station’s exterior and installed new components that will ensure the station’s future operation.

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