The parking lot of a gas station in the United States was struck by lightning, leaving a huge hole.

One of the biggest concerns when severe thunderstorms occur is the risk of a possible tornado, foreign media BGR reported. Vortex of high-speed winds and debris can cause incredible damage. But residents in Fort Worth, Texas, recently warned that lightning could also cause havoc.

美国一加油站的停车场被闪电击中 留下巨坑

Early Wednesday morning, a Chevron gas station parking lot was struck by an incredible lightning strike, leaving a 15-foot-wide (4.5-meter) hole in the concrete floor of the parking lot, causing debris to fly away. The police watched the whole process on surveillance video.

美国一加油站的停车场被闪电击中 留下巨坑

The location of the lightning strike is probably one of the worst. According to local news reports, the concrete fragments flew 75 feet high, but the biggest concern was the exposed oil tanks. Officials quickly responded to the scene and determined that despite the damage, no leaks had been felt. It was lucky, but even luckier, lightning struck a storage tank filled with diesel rather than a nearby storage tank filled with gasoline.

美国一加油站的停车场被闪电击中 留下巨坑

“The most important thing is that their diesel cases are affected, which is actually a good thing. Diesel is less explosive in such matters. It is flammable, but less volatile than gasoline. Nike Drivah of the Fort Worth Fire Department told NBCDFW. “I think we were lucky that no one was in the parking lot at the time, otherwise someone would have been injured, ” he said. “

Thankfully, no one was injured and the fuel tank itself was able to withstand lightning strikes. The big hole in the gas station parking lot obviously needs to be filled, but it’s a relatively small hassle.

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