Can self-driving cars drift on their own? This car did it.

According tomedia reports, rafting is a sport that many people like very much. It requires a high-altitude car control to keep the car sliding sideways without being thrown out. Anyone who has tried rafting knows that rafting is not as easy as it seems. But recently, researchers at Dynamics Design Lab have built a special self-driving car that can use technology to allow itself to drift on a controlled track.

Can self-driving cars drift on their own? This car did it.

The team is understood to have built the automatic drift erlast using a classic DeLorean sports car called MARTY. To control the course, the researchers wrote GPS coordinates and algorithmic programs on one of the scientists’ laptops to handle actual driving. During MARTY’s first attempt, it can navigate the entire route without touching any of the orange cones.

Scientists say the data they have collected in their tests could help transform the self-driving systems currently used in cars. The technology could one day allow self-driving cars to avoid pedestrians walking off the road. The team is trying to develop cars that can cope with smooth surfaces such as emergencies or snow and ice.

Dynamic Design Lab’s goal is to develop a car that can use all the friction between the tire and the road surface when necessary. One researcher said they hoped the car would avoid any accidents that could be avoided within the limits of the laws of physics.

Drift was chosen because the extreme sweliain and performance values allow researchers to collect data that they could not collect in any other way.

IT IS REPORTED THAT MARTY IS AN ELECTRIC CAR, IT IS EQUIPPED WITH A PAIR OF CAN PROVIDE 7000 NM / METER TORQUE PEAK ELECTRIC MOTOR. The car is equipped with a pair of GPS antennas to track distances of less than an inch. The steering wheel and brakes are computer and electrically controlled, respectively, and the suspension is specially tailored to accommodate drift and fast turns.

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