Daji unmanned car patent exposure plus 360-degree omnidirectional wheel and stable camera

TechCrunch recently unveiled a new unmanned car patent from Daji. The car is reported to be equipped with large, rugged 360-degree omnidirectional wheels and a range of shock absorbers to effectively reduce vibration. At the same time, the top of the unmanned car is equipped with a camera equipped with a stabilization device, under the camera is also equipped with a spring and pneumatic device protection equipment, with the shock absorber on the wheel, can effectively protect the lens.

Daji unmanned car patent exposure plus 360-degree omnidirectional wheel and stable camera

Integrated many shock-absorbing protection elements, there is media speculation that the car can adapt to a variety of complex road conditions, with a certain off-road capability.

In August 2015, Darren Liccardo, senior assistant ride-assisted driver engineering director at Tesla Autopilot, was brought in by Daji, and since then there have been rumors in the industry that Daji has begun testing vehicle equipment.

According to TechCrunch analysis, although drones and unmanned vehicles look out of place, but the need for core technology is similar, Daji in machine vision, sensor fusion algorithms, etc. , has been through the consumer-grade UAV show strength, Daji can fully take advantage of the accumulation of machine vision in previous years, and OEM Manufacturers to cooperate in the entry of vehicle equipment.

Compared with drones, the market prospects for smart car devices are undoubtedly greater, the maturity of the market and policy control are more perfect, and Daji can take a larger share in this new market area. In addition, the introduction of the unmanned car can also be in collaboration with the previous product ecology, the construction of a larger product circle, and further consolidate the existing market position.

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