Tesla unveils ‘Christmas Feature Upgrade Pack’ to enhance voice command

With Christmas just around the corner, Tesla has unveiled a major update package for its on-board system that includes a number of new features, such as voice manipulation commands, text message reading and new autopilot visualizations. Musk was not joking on Twitter about Tesla’s announcement of a major Christmas holiday software update,media reported.

Starting on December 22, Tesla began rolling out a feature update package for electric cars already on sale, a rich update that includes voice manipulation commands, text message reading and new self-driving visualizations.

It is reported that the updated version of Tesla’s on-board system is 2019.40.50, first for a small range of electric vehicles, the follow-up will gradually expand to more sold vehicles.

In the release notefors for the new version, Tesla announced some smartphone-related improvements, such as the ability to read and send text messages via Tesla’s voice commands, something Tesla has been demanding for over the past few years, in part because Tesla electric cars do not support connecting Apple’s Carplay or Google’s Android Cars.

Tesla unveils 'Christmas Feature Upgrade Pack' to enhance voice command

Tesla says owners can now use the right wheel button to read and reply to text messages. When you receive a new message, press the right wheel button to read the owner’s text message aloud, and then press it again to read aloud as a text message reply. When text messages enter the touch screen through the “Cards” section, the owner can also view them.

Tesla says that if you want to see the message you receive when you connect your phone to bluetooth, click the app launcher – call – message. Owners can read and reply to messages by tapping the entries in the Messages list. To enable this feature, tap the Bluetooth icon on the display and enable Sync SMS. Once enabled, the owner can also choose to play a beep when a new text message is received by enabling “New Message Buzzer”. To keep texting reading going, Tesla says owners need to enable notifications on their phones.

Tesla unveils 'Christmas Feature Upgrade Pack' to enhance voice command

In addition to text ingress reading, Tesla has also expanded its voice manipulation commands. Voice commands have been redeveloped to understand natural languages. In this initial release, the development team is focused on minimizing touch screens so that owners can focus on the road.

Tesla has also added new driving visualizations. Driving visualizations can now display other objects, including porch lights, stop signs and selected road markings. Parking signs, etc. are visualized. But drivers who drive vehicles cannot replace them and will not stop. To view these additional objects in the driving visualization, the owner can tap the control – autopilot – fully autonomous driving visual preview.

This feature is basically Musk’s early disclosure of the fully autonomous driving preview feature. Tesla plans to launch an all-autonomous-driving option early next year, when drivers no longer have to put their hands on the steering wheel and will be better able to drive autonomous driving than today’s Autopilot version.

The update package has now started to push, and as has been the practice, it will take several weeks to complete the functional upgrade of all Tesla’s vehicles on the road.

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