WhatsApp’s new verification feature on Android: Fingerprint-unlocked app

WhatsApp today announced a new layer of security for Android users that unlocks apps by fingerprint. In fact, the feature was previously enabled on the iPhone and can be unlocked with face ID or Touch ID. Similar locking features are now available in many similar applications, including the popular encrypted messaging app Signal.


Instant messaging applications have largely replaced SMS sMS and e-mail as the main way for contemporary users to communicate. Although WhatsApp is less popular in the U.S., it is the primary messaging application used in many countries, so it’s important to provide a variety of security options that meet the user’s needs.

Write on WhatsApp’s official blog

Earlier this year, we introduced the touch ID and Face ID features for WhatsApp users, offering an additional layer of security. Today, we’ve introduced a similar verification feature for Android users that allows you to unlock the app with a fingerprint. To enable this feature, click Settings and Accounts and Privacy . . . fingerprint lock. Turn on “Unlock with fingerprint” and confirm with your fingerprint.

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