Scientists have developed rubber-like concrete that can withstand collision without cracking.

Foreign media New Atlas reported that buildings for military or civil defence applications must be robust. With this in mind, scientists have recently developed a new type of concrete that is more resistant to cracking than conventional types of concrete.

科学家研发橡胶般的混凝土 可承受撞击而不会开裂

The concrete was developed by scientists at the Military Research Center at the Federal University of the Far East of Russia, and it does not use pure cement as a binder. Instead, about 40 percent of the cement is replaced by a binder made up of rice shell slag, crushed limestone waste and silicon sand.

This alternative gives the concrete slabs a rubber-like mass, allowing them to contract and bounce back when hit, rather than cracking. In fact, the material is reported to be six to nine times more resistant to cracking than ordinary concrete. In addition, it is automatically sealed after pouring, which means it is ideal for building underground buildings, such as bunkers. In addition, because new concrete uses a lot of waste instead of cement, it should be cheaper to use.

Professor Roman Fediuk, of the university, said: “It is important for us to keep concrete as long as possible until the first cracking, because it is only a matter of time before the concrete structure is cracked. Today, the world is studying counter-terrorism security facilities to protect other buildings from shell fire or aircraft impact. We have solved this problem from our own perspective and developed impact-resistant materials. In the next phase, we are creating radiation-resistant concrete. “

A paper on the material was recently published in the journal Inorganic Materials: Applied Research.

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