“New Mutant” is turning around? Advance or release in January

Destiny, has been Disney into the cold palace of “X-Men: the new mutants” seems to have taken a turn for the better. Recently,media reported that the film’s trailer is expected to be released in January next year. That’s great news for X-Men fans. After all, the film has been in the works for years.

In August, it was reported that Disney did not give the film strong support because it believed that “The New Mutant” had limited box-office potential. Prior to that, “The New Mutant” had revised the script several times and remade it. In May, all of the film’s crew reunited for a remake. The proportion of remakes reached 50%.

Prior to that, “The New Mutant” had been claimed to be making a “horror movie”, but after the actual start of filming turned into “Stephen King meets John Hughes” horror mash-up youth film, but also PG13 rating, and now to return to the scope of horror film. “It’s probably the most PG-13 movie in history,” said director Josh Boone. Horror is very dark, but there is also an emotional core in the film. My goal is to scare you into crying. There’s no such thing as a robe in the film, and they don’t join the mutant training school. In this movie, these children kill, whether intentionally or not. “

In addition, Josh Boone said, “After having the power, these young people need to fight against their own dangerous ability and face their own sinful past.” They are not trying to save the world, they need to save themselves. We’ve seen some very different comics, similar to Stephen King’s encounter with John Hughes. “

According to previous reports inmedia, the film will be adapted from a 1984 comic book by Bill Szczecovich. In fact, director Josh Boone is a very good director of teen movies, and his 2014 film “The Mistakes in the Stars” is one of Hollywood’s best-known teen films of recent years. This time he wants to “change” in X-Men: The New Mutant, which is a commendable adventure.

The film is currently scheduled for release in North America on April 3, 2020.

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