Edge Canary 80.0.319.0 Release: Microsoft considers daily update logs

Chromium-based Edge browsers currently have three channels, Canary (Sunrise), Dev (Weekly) and Beta (updated every six weeks), and the Stable channel has been downloaded and installed from a Microsoft server, but has not been officially launched. Typically, only beta and Dev channels have update logs, but with the Canary channel version moving into 80.0.319.0, Microsoft made an exception in a community post about the changes in the new version.

[图]Edge Canary 80.0.319.0发布:微软正考虑每天发布更新日志

In the post, Microsoft said it was considering providing update logs in the community every day after the release of a future version of the Canary Channel. As the first update log for the Canary channel version, Microsoft set up a mysterious approach. But users Cameron_Bush managed to decipher the text.

[图]Edge Canary 80.0.319.0发布:微软正考虑每天发布更新日志

[图]Edge Canary 80.0.319.0发布:微软正考虑每天发布更新日志

The latest version of the Canary Channel introduces a number of new features, including importing browser history from Firefox and enabling the installation of extensions from the Chrome Web Store that change the look and feel of the browser. Here’s what’s new for Edge Canary 80.0.319.0

You’ve created an easy way to add to your favorites.

You can now open favorite items via keyboard shortcuts.

A reminder is issued when downloading dangerous files

The extension now displays the publisher’s information.

The organization has installed applications that add new options.

You can now use other zoom options.

The use of the microphone or camera is now displayed in the address bar.

You can now install an extension from the Chrome website store that modifies the look and feel of your browser.

You can now open the app via keyboard shortcuts.

You can now import Firefox history.

Like the Dev version, Microsoft offers a list of two fixes and improvements, one of which is features and one is reliability. Here is a list of reliability fixes:

Favorites that open via the touch screen no longer crash the browser.

The intranet site is no longer stuck when it is loaded.

The reopening of the window no longer fails.

Fixed multiple application protection crashes.

You can now add anti-tracking exceptions without occasionally crashing the settings page.

You can no longer create Windows off-screen.

Improved password import success rate.

New labels that open quickly are now always successful.

If you quickly close the tab, the download will no longer fail.

Opening the InPrivate window no longer fails.

Windows has been shut down quickly and is now closed.

Saving a PDF document no longer causes the tab to crash.

Improvements in behavioral characteristics, including checking for browser updates more frequently:

The new PDF toolbar was temporarily removed.

Extensions can now be organized through a single source, such as a web store or unzipped files.

The standard form controls are now accessible.

The interval between history items is better.

The intranet search now appears in the address bar.

Now, performing a search from the address bar saves the data to the cloud so that it can sync to other devices.

The text on the error page has been improved.

The performance of intranet search has been improved.

You can now switch to a tab created off-screen.

The history item cleared by the Clear Browse Data dialog box has now been correctly removed from the current session.

Images on some web pages are no longer compressed.

Edge now checks for updates more frequently.

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