CEO resigns on same day Boeing reveals new information related to 737 MAX

On December 23, Bloomberg reported that Boeing, the largest U.S. manufacturing exporter, disclosed a batch of inside information related to the 737 MAX project to U.S. federal regulators on the same day. The Federal Aviation Administration said in a statement that the documents were submitted to the agency on Monday. The documents were disclosed on the day of Boeing’s CEO’s resignation.

CEO resigns on same day Boeing reveals new information related to 737 MAX

Earlier, the Seattle Times reported on Boeing’s decision to submit the information to the Federal Aviation Administration.

Bloomberg, citing an unnamed person with knowledge of the matter, said the Federal Aviation Administration had been aware of the existence of the latest information from Boeing in recent days, but had not been informed of any details of the information.

The Federal Aviation Administration also did not comment on the contents of the documents in Monday’s announcement, saying only that it was reviewing the information.

In October last year and March this year, the 737MAX of Indonesia’s Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines crashed, killing 346 people, and the same aircraft was grounded around the world. On December 16th Boeing announced plans to suspend production of the 737 MAX from January. A week later, Macbeth, the boeing CEO who was sacked as chairman on October 11th, announced his resignation.

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