Halo: Reach :Minimum PC Configuration Requirements Announced Old Computers Can Run

Following the june launch, Halo: Reach is currently conducting a massive Insider test on a PC for about a week. As a game that’s been around for years, it even has the ability to run smoothly at 60 FPS frame rates on 10-year-old hardware. The threshold for the Halo: Reach PC version is really low based on the minimum PC configuration requirements published by 343 Industries (for the Steam version). Of course, for a better experience, such as 4K resolution, it’s best to find a more advanced graphics card.

《光环:致远星》最低PC配置需求公布 老电脑也能跑得动

(Photo from HaloWayPoint, via Neowin)

It is important to note that the system configuration requirements for the Microsoft Store version vary slightly, and interested friends can keep an eye out for subsequent disclosures from the development team.

However, 343 Industries reiterated that the cross-platform experience for PCs and Xbox One would not be available in the early days of startup. However, the Steam and Microsoft Store versions can still communicate data.

《光环:致远星》最低PC配置需求公布 老电脑也能跑得动

Halo: To the Far Star PC edition will be officially met soon

If you want to communicate your personal data on your PC and Xbox, you’ll also be limited to statistics such as completed progress and achievement lists.

Finally, in addition to being compatible with a variety of configuration requirements, the PC version of Halo: Reach is highly customized in other ways. Examples include mouse sensitivity adjustment options for normal aiming and zooming, field of view sliders, frame rate limits, and even cross-star position adjustment slicing when walking and moving.

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