Xbox Series X is harmful to the environment?

DigitalTrends sparked a heated debate over the weekend when it published an article alleging that The Xbox Series X, Microsoft’s next-generation console announced on the TGA, did not meet the industry’s previous commitment to environmental protection. According to DigitalTrends, the Xbox Series X was tested by Eurogamer’s DigitalFoundry, which had twice as much original computing performance as the Xbox One X, and the progress came from newer, more robust hardware.

Player back not back pot? Media say Xbox Series X is harmful to the environment, sparking heated debate

The price of superior performance must be power consumption, and they expect Microsoft to have to increase the total power of the Xbox Series X to more than 300 watts, while the new Xbox’s huge styling and exhaust design is also designed to cope with the high heat of high power.

As a result, DigitalTrends believes that if the PS5 were also the standard Xbox Series X, the carbon footprint of next-generation consoles would be unprecedented. The latest survey shows that U.S. gamers emit the equivalent of 5 million bikes a year. The console contributes 66% of the gaming world’s carbon footprint, easily surpassing PC desktops, laptops and streaming devices.

In addition, the 300-watt carbon emissions will allow the Xbox Series X to surpass many large appliances such as refrigerators to reach a new high in the power consumption of the console. That’s at odds with Microsoft and Sony’s promise of “greener, greener productionism” made during the previous World Environmental Conference.

Player back not back pot? Media say Xbox Series X is harmful to the environment, sparking heated debate

The article has now caused widespread debate among players, and even Digital Trends has had to indicate at the end of the article that this is the editor’s personal opinion and does not represent the overall website to avoid attacks. Many players think it’s a worry, and no one will let the Xbox run at full capacity 24 hours a day, but many players understand the concern that, at a time when global warming is looming, players will have to take on a realistic responsibility for high carbon emissions if it is difficult for game makers to make feasible technical breakthroughs (to reduce energy consumption) at a time when global warming is looming.

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