Cancel and collect money first? Tesla’s thousand-dollar car keys spark controversy

Priced at 1200 yuan, the Tesla Model 3’s physical car keys recently logged into Tesla service centers in China, causing a lot of controversy. There are netizens joke: “model 3 cancel car key is innovation, now the introduction of car keys and innovation again.” Model 3 is understood to be purchased without a physical car key, but using a bluetooth connection to open the door or swipe the door.

Cancel and collect money first? Tesla's thousand-dollar car keys spark controversy

Previously, Tesla had launched the model 3 model’s physical version of the car key generation and second generation, priced at about $150. This login to China’s “National Line Edition” physical car key and “American version” second-generation car key, the appearance of the miniature Model 3 shape, can provide senseless entry, remote control one-click open front trunk and other functions. Reporters yesterday consulted Tesla Yizhuang Service Center was informed that the physical car keys can be purchased, the price of 1200 yuan.

Why do I buy a car separately with a physical car key? The Model 3 doesn’t come with a physical version of the car key, but instead uses an innovative way to unlock entry: phone sensing or swipe entry, according to Tesla Experience. Mobile phone induction into the way as long as the phone Bluetooth and the car paired, you can sense entry, swipe card is to deal with the phone no electricity, etc. , with the key card close to the car cab side door post to unlock. “The innovative way to unlock a phone is designed to make it easier for users, because users may sometimes forget to bring a key, but the phone is often unfurnished. “Experience store service personnel said.

Mobile phone unlock ingress is indeed convenient, but some car owners believe that in the face of valet car wash, valet parking and other circumstances, because the phone can not stay, key card operation and need to learn, so still feel the inconvenience of no physical car keys.

In response, Tesla introduced a physical car key for the Medol 3 late last year, but the physical key is not a “standard” for the car, but rather as an accessory to the owner of the optional purchase, causing some owners to complain.

Reporters found that the current market such as Tesla innovative to cancel the physical key models are still very few, with the Medol 3 price of about 400,000 Audi, BMW, Lincoln and other models, the purchase will be accompanied by two physical keys. Some cars, such as Lincoln, have also tried to unlock entry with a password, but are still equipped with two physical keys for free. In the eyes of some consumers, the vehicle can try a variety of unlocking methods, but for now the physical key should be standard when buying a car.

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