A dog was hit and stuck in the bumper only found after the driver drove 15 miles and 45 minutes later

We occasionally heard that after the car hit the dog, they hit the bumper of the car, and the owner continued to drive without finding anything unusual. This has happened to a female car owner in the United States recently. She felt something hit while driving, causing serious damage to the car’s bumper.

[图]一条柴犬被撞卡在保险杠中 司机行驶15英里45分钟后才发现

She then got out of the car and found no impact or anything around her except for the severe breakage of the bumper. So instead of reporting the situation to the local traffic police, she continued to drive. After continuing for 15 miles for about 45 minutes, she felt “noisy” and got out of the car again for further checks.

The female driver only found an adult firedog stuck in the bumper and engine compartment. According to an after-the-fact investigation, the adult dog, named Coco, was apparently the victim of a car accident nearly an hour earlier. The female driver then immediately contacted the traffic police, and a local veterinarian arrived at the scene for an examination and found that the dog had only a broken elbow but was in good health.

In any case, CoCo will recover safely, but she still needs multiple surgeries to repair the leg damage. Hernas Veterinary Clinic is helping Coco stand up and is receiving a nursing donation.

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