Samsung Galaxy Fold chinese Edition released November 8 Official: After a decade of exploration

On November 1st Samsung announced that the Galaxy Fold would be officially unveiled on November 8th, when it was expected to announce the price of the aircraft. The Galaxy Fold has been exploring for a decade, and this is not a simple new release, which means we’ve changed the shape of our phones, changed your expectations for the future, and presented you with a sense of ingenuity and a future.

三星Galaxy Fold国行版11月8日发布 官微:历经十年探索

Galaxy Fold was released back in February, and repeated ticket-hopping was caused by foreign media tests that found the Galaxy Fold screen was prone to malfunctions. After months of improvement, Galaxy Fold is already available in some markets.

It has two displays, a small screen size of 4.6 inches, AMOLED material, a screen aspect ratio of 21:9, the home screen size of 7.3 inches, the screen aspect ratio of 4.2:3.

Core configuration, Samsung Galaxy Fold is equipped with Qualcomm Dragon 855 flagship platform, equipped with 12GB of memory plus 512GB UFS 3.0 storage, this is the world’s first UFS 3.0 flash memory of the Dragon 855 folding mobile phone, battery capacity of 4380mAh, running based on Android 9 Deepcustom One UI system that supports side fingerprinting.

三星Galaxy Fold国行版11月8日发布 官微:历经十年探索

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