Aaron sorkin: Zuckerberg’s Facebook ad policy is attacking the truth

Playwright and screenwriter Aaron Sorkin has disputed Facebook’s policies on political advertising, particularly the company’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, who recently defended that Facebook should not fact-check politicians’ comments, foreign media reported.

Sorkin is understood to be the mastermind and screenwriter behind the political drama “The White House” and “Newsroom”, as well as writing a screenplay for the film “The Social Network” about the early days of Facebook’s venture.


He wrote an open letter to the New York Times on Thursday about an ad by President Trump’s campaign against Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. “Every square inch is a lie, and it’s under your logo,” Sorkin wrote. This is not defending freedom of speech, Mark, this is attacking the truth. “

He also referred to Zuckerberg’s protest sifts at the Social Network film and the film’s portrayal of him personally.

“You and I want speech protection to ensure that no one is imprisoned or killed for saying or writing something unwelcome, not to make sure that lies reach the attention of American voters without restriction,” Sorkin said. “

Facebook did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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