Xbox boss talks XGP members low-cost promotion: Don’t worry we’re fine

The Xbox One generation of consoles, players have changed their perception of the Xbox brand, mainly because Microsoft has come up with the subscription service Xbox Game Pass. Thanks to ultra-low prices and promotions that have started in recent months, many Xbox users have even renewed their memberships for three years. So the question is, will Microsoft go on so “conscience” so long?

Xbox boss talks XGP members low-cost promotion: Don't worry we're fine

“You know, the only concern I’ve seen is that people will say, “Is this sustainable?” ” Phil Spencer, microsoft’s head of Xbox, told Xbox Major Nelson. What I want to say is that Game Pass is a great time for us and for game developers. ”

Spencer went on to say that when the next generation of Xbox Consoles is launched next year, Xbox Game Pass users will already have plenty of games to play: “I think it’s going to be very interesting… With the launch of the Xbox X next year… It will be very interesting when people think about waiting, and I already have this game library on this platform. ”

Xbox boss talks XGP members low-cost promotion: Don't worry we're fine

Xbox Game Pass is a monthly fee that costs just a few dollars to play more than 100 games on Xbox and PC platforms, and even some games land on Xbox Game Pass at the same time as they are on sale. For Xbox Game Pass members, the next generation may just need to buy a new Xbox.

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