Honda is a “motorcycle company”: 400 million vehicles have been produced since 1949

According tomedia, many people tend to think of Honda as a car company, but it also makes motorcycles and other products, but the truth is that Honda’s motorcycle business — like BMW ‘s — has outplayed much more for a long time than its cars. During that time, Honda launched a number of iconic two-wheelers, such as the first Super Cub, the best-selling car in human history, firebalde and Goldwing.

All of these great global successes have allowed the company to gain the status it is today. The company is reported to have generated a total of 400 million motorcycles since 1949.

That’s enough to give every American 1.22 Honda motorcycles. Every American has a Super Cub and a spare engine. Another interesting comparison is that vw has produced only about 21.5 million beetles for 65 years. If 400 million Honda Groms were connected, they could circle the earth 17.56 times.

There’s a crazier number: 20 million. This is Honda’s total motorcycle production worldwide (as of 2018). By comparison, Ford produced only 6.429 million vehicles worldwide in 2016. Although the manufacture of cars is obviously more complex than motorcycles, this is still a huge gap.

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