Sino-Sugon domestic debut based on Loongson’s new machine products

On December 24, Loongson Science and Technology held a new Loongson 3A4000 and 3B4000 launch in Beijing, which was invited to attend as an important partner of Loongson. At the meeting, Sugon released a new generation of Longten machine products based on Loongson processor – The Sugon Longten L300-G30 desktop terminal, L620-G30 dual server, L820-G30 four-way server (collectively referred to as Longten G30 series of products). The L820-G30 is the industry’s first four-way server based on a Loongson processor.

Sino-Sugon domestic debut based on Loongson's new machine products

LongTeng G30 series of products, compared with the previous generation of product advantages are obvious, product motherboard, chassis all self-study, and the use of integrated, modular, low noise design, high reliability, strong interconnection, with a wealth of IO interface design, is the industry’s first to achieve support for OCP network card Loongson machine products; Supports the expansion of multi-block PCIe full-height cards to meet the needs of the most customers in more applications, in addition, the innovative fault indicator design, unique BIOS, BMC redundant design, can quickly locate the cause, troubleshoot ingress with field faults, easy to maintain.

Sino-Sugon domestic debut based on Loongson's new machine products

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