Malware spread in support of Sweden’s green girl Greta Thunberg

Proofpoint cyber security researchers have just discovered that a malware called Emotet is spreading under the name “Support Greta Thunberg.doc.” Although it may seem like an e-mail, it’s essentially a web-banking trojan that steals financial information on a Windows PC. The attackers tried to invite victims to a climate change protest on Christmas Eve in the name of the Swedish green girl.

Malware spread in support of Sweden's green girl Greta Thunberg

Earlier, Greta Thunberg was named Time magazine’s Person of the Year 2019 for a series of activities aimed at raising global environmental awareness.

For unsuspecting netizens, there is a need to be wary of this type of email-based malware spreading.

The attack struck mainly targeting a group of students with .edu email addresses in the United States, Europe and Asia, and even appeared in multiple languages, said The Proofpoint security researchers.

Malware spread in support of Sweden's green girl Greta Thunberg

(From: Proofpoint, via TechSpot)

“We found that the number of .edu domain names under attack exceeded the number of domain names associated with any particular country,” Added Proofpoint. Given thunberg’s strong support from students and young people, the hacking approach is also somewhat elaborate.”

Unfortunately, forwarding this email will not help alleviate the climate crisis, but will only accidentally infect more computers with Emotet malware.

The online banking trojan masquerades as an attachment to microsoft Word documents and uses the same “GretaThberg.doc support” file name as the message theme.

“During the holidays, attackers don’t hesitate to target and exploit people’s goodwill, which is an alternative public good sense barometer,” Proofpoint warns.

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